remap gamepad controller buttons on Linux

I got this old Chinese "Gasia Co.,Ltd" 054c:0268 PS3 controller. The buttons are all jumbled up and some Windows games don't even allow for remapping them. In order to fix this, you can install the package "xboxdrv", which will emulate an Xbox controller and allows for remapping. Here is the command with the mapping for my controller:

xboxdrv --evdev /dev/input/by-id/usb-Gasia_Co._Ltd_PS_R__Gamepad-event-joystick --evdev-keymap BTN_DPAD_UP=lb --evdev-keymap BTN_DPAD_DOWN=lt --evdev-keymap BTN_DPAD_RIGHT=rb --evdev-keymap BTN_DPAD_LEFT=rt --evdev-keymap BTN_TL2=back --evdev-keymap BTN_TR2=start --evdev-keymap BTN_THUMBR=a --evdev-keymap BTN_THUMBL=b --evdev-keymap BTN_START=x --evdev-keymap BTN_SELECT=y --evdev-keymap BTN_TL=tl --evdev-keymap BTN_TR=tr --evdev-keymap BTN_NORTH=du --evdev-keymap BTN_SOUTH=dd --evdev-keymap BTN_WEST=dl --evdev-keymap BTN_EAST=dr --evdev-absmap ABS_X=x1,ABS_Y=y1,ABS_RX=x2,ABS_RY=y2 --axismap -Y1=Y1,-Y2=Y2 --mimic-xpad --trigger-as-button --deadzone 4000 --deadzone-trigger 15% --force-feedback # --silent

You can then use "wine control" to disable the hardware controller in wine.

I used this random post for reference to the Xbox button names (lb is L1, lt is L2, back means select and so forth).

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